Although most of Brighton’s books can be read as stand alones, some readers prefer to know the suggested reading order. This page breaks them down for you by series, then order. You can also download a printable booklist here.

Reluctant Hearts Series
1. Caged in Winter
2. Tessa Ever After
3. Paige in Progress
4. Our Love Unhinged*
*best enjoyed after reading at least book 1 in the series

Havenbrook Series
1. Second Chance Charmer
2. Hometown Troublemaker
2.5. Pact with a Heartbreaker
3. Captain Heartbreaker

Captive Series
1. Captive
2. Exposed

Stand Alone Titles
(listed in order of release)
1. Plus One
2. Season of Second Chances
3. Dirty Little Secret (formerly My Strongest Weakness)
4. The Neighbor

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