The Neighbor 


Release date: 3.1.17
Series: n/a
Publisher: Bright Publishing, LLC

On a day when nothing seems to be going my way, I just want to binge my favorite show and inhale a couple—okay, a dozen—cupcakes. But the black cloud that’s followed me all day comes back when I realize I’m out of sugar. I resign myself to the fact that I’ll have to—*shudder*—ask a neighbor for some neighborly help and set out to harass my fellow apartment-dwellers, all in the name of chocolate. 

When a dripping wet and freshly showered hottie I’ve definitely never seen before answers my impatient knock, I’m rendered speechless. Okay, not speechless, because that’d be far too easy for me. Instead I humiliate myself in typical Lucy fashion, then bail, certain if I try hard enough I can go the rest of my life without running into Hot Neighbor Guy again.

Too bad my neighbor isn’t so easily deterred.

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