Plus One

  • Reverse Age Gap,
  • Sibling's Best Friend

  • RELEASE DATE: March 10, 2022

    Who better to fake-date than your best friend’s brother?

    After one disastrous date too many, Olivia Winters has made a vow: no more men. She has an amazing condo in the city, great friends, and a successful bakery she built from the ground up…what more does she need?

    Ian Donnelly has been in love with his older sister’s best friend, Olivia, for years. He even moved away after college to get some distance from her and the intense feelings she stoked in him. But when Olivia swears off men just in time for wedding season, he impulsively volunteers to be her stand-in wedding date.

    The sparks that fly between them take Olivia by surprise. Ian is nothing like she remembered, and when they fall into bed, he’s everything she could ever want. What’s the harm of a no-strings summer fling? Strictly physical, of course—her track record in relationships isn’t exactly glowing.

    Nine wedding dates. That’s all that Ian has to show Olivia he wants more than just a summer of fun. He wants to be her plus one forever.

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