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Narrated by: J.F. Harding and Stella Hunter

Possessive Heart

  • Brother's Best Friend,
  • Cinnamon Roll Hero,
  • Forced Proximity,
  • Grumpy/Sunshine,
  • Hockey,
  • Opposites Attract,
  • Return to Hometown,
  • Second Chance,
  • Secret Relationship,
  • Sibling's Best Friend

  • RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2024

    I’m her brother’s best friend, and for the past ten years, I’ve also been Addison McKenzie’s dirty little secret.

    My pro-hockey player lifestyle kept me from her, but I thought we had a good thing going. Burning up the sheets whenever I visited home worked well for us.

    Or so I thought.

    When a season-ending injury sends me back to Starlight Cove, I find out she thinks of me as nothing more than a mistake.

    She’s trying her hardest to ignore my presence, but being snowed in together is making that difficult.

    So is sharing a bed.

    Old habits die hard, and it’s no surprise we fall right back into each other. Undeniable chemistry was never our problem, though. Making it last in the real world was.

    But I’ve been in love with Addison for years. And I have no intention of giving up on us now.

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    For the best reading experience, please be advised that Possessive Heart contains content that may be upsetting for some readers, including:

    • Alcohol consumption
    • Alcoholism and recovery
    • Blizzard
    • Breeding (fantasies of)
    • Cancer (childhood leukemia, off page, ten years prior, in remission)
    • Death of a parent (off page, ten years prior)
    • Pregnancy (epilogue)
    • Scars
    • Surgery (off page, brief discussions of, not detailed)

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