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Narrated by: Joe Arden, Emma Wilder

Fearless Heart

  • Cinnamon Roll Hero,
  • Enemies to Lovers,
  • Fake Relationship,
  • Forced Proximity,
  • Grumpy/Sunshine,
  • Marriage of Convenience,
  • Only One Bed,
  • Opposites Attract

  • RELEASE DATE: April 9, 2023

    Quinn Cartwright sees me as nothing more than her rival…her enemy. But I’ve been obsessed with her since we were teenagers. She’s gorgeous and brilliant with a tongue sharp enough to cut glass…and she has no idea I love it as much as I do.

    So when she needs someone to put a ring on it because of her a-hole boss, I marry her without hesitation.

    We draw up a contract on a napkin. This marriage might be fake, but no one in our small town has to know.

    She may never see me as anything more than a playboy, but sleeping in the same bed together night after night makes me want to put my skills to use and prove just how good this fake marriage can be…

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    For the best reading experience, please be advised that Fearless Heart contains content that may be upsetting for some readers, including…

    • Absent parent
    • Death of parent (off-page, ten years prior)
    • Fatphobia
    • Heart attack and death of an antagonistic side character
    • Mention of alcoholism
    • Misogyny
    • Narcissistic, emotionally and verbally abusive parents
    • PCOS discussions
    • Unsupportive parents due to heroine’s size

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