Second Chance Charmer

  • Enemies to Lovers,
  • Opposites Attract,
  • Return to Hometown,
  • Second Chance

  • RELEASE DATE: March 19, 2018

    Havenbrook’s bad boy is back after disappearing without a word ten years ago.

    They never belonged together. Finn fell in love with the small town’s princess. But he was from the wrong side of the tracks, and her mayor daddy made sure he got that message loud and clear.

    Loving Willow ruined his life.

    Now, he’s back to prove to everyone who said he wouldn’t amount to anything how wrong they were. When he needs Willow’s help to open Havenbrook’s first bar, he’s forced to see the woman she’s become—the one he left behind. He anticipated an icy reception, but he wasn’t prepared for the hate in her eyes.

    It’s clear any love they shared is gone. Now, they’re nothing but sparks and desire.

    Finn wants Willow back…for keeps. And this time he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way.

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