I Finished Febwriteary

Sometime in January, my friend Ava tweeted me, asking if I’d be interested in a little thing she was calling Febwriteary. Nano, while awesome, happens at the least awesome time, in my opinion. November is only slightly less busy than December for me, and I absolutely do not have time to sit down and bang out nearly two-thousand words every day when I’m focused on things like what I’m going to over-make for a dinner for, generally, a whopping five people.

So she asked, I said, “Hells yeah!” and the rest was history. February 15th marked the kick off of the first annual Febwriteary. I made (what I thought was) a very achievable goal. Well. Let me tell you. I made it–barely and by the skin of my teeth–at the eleventh hour. I reached my goal with 195 words to spare at 11:40 p.m. on February 28th.


I did it.

Not only did I add some much needed wordage to my (now officially) complete novel, but I was able to get a jump start on book two. Apparently, I write best under pressure and with a goal. Who knew?

Speaking of book two, have you seen my inspiration for the hero yet?

He’s quite a fount of inspiration, let me tell you. And his smirk is what’s earned him the lovingly given title of Cocky Bastard.

While I was pounding the keyboard during Febwriteary, I also managed to do a little interview with Ava where I talk a little bit about my writing process.

In my last post, I talked about Plus One and gave out some inside deets on it. I think we’ve finally got to the point where I can start releasing tidbits on it. (Eeep!) Teasing you with snippets from the book and the book cover and the official summary. Not sure if I’ll do this here or on Facebook, so if you haven’t yet, hop over and click that little like button so you can be in the know.  

In the next few months until the release date, I’m basically going to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Man alive, there is a lot to do that I’d never before even really thought of. Blog tours and book promos and other things of that nature. It’s all super exciting while also sending my nerves on a frantic bouncing spree around my stomach.

In the meantime, if you are or know of a book review blogger that’d be interested in reviewing Plus One, please contact me so I can add you to my list for when I get my hands on some ARCs! 


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