Whatcha Readin’ Wednesday

This post is gonna be quick and dirty…kind of like my rec. Heh. This week, I’m reading Tessa Bailey’s Thrown Down, which is part of the Made in Jersey. I’m about 60% into this one and loving every minute of it.

The heroine is a single mom, which I absolutely love (as Tessa Ever After will attest). And while sometimes books that feature kids, especially in the romance genre, utilize those kids only for very specific plot devices, that’s not the case with this one. Marcy is a great, three-dimensional character, and totally true to form. And then we have the hero—Vaughn. Also known as jdkfjakdshfkjdsahkljclks. He’s a dad who didn’t know he was a dad, and man is he trying to repent for time away. Oh, yeah, did I mention he’s a dirty talker? Ahem.

If you’re in the mood for a hot, dirty, quick read, check this one out!

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