Hot Single Dads and Release Dates and the Kitchen Sink

Well, holy hell. Has it really been *mumbles behind hand* months since I posted? I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Fortunately, me being a bad blogger means I’ve had time to do other things. Like, you know, write and stuff.

And you might be interested to know that the last thing I wrote? Was based on this dude:

I know, right?  I affectionately refer to him as Hot Single Dad (HSD for short). Yes, ladies, we have Daddy Swoons in this novella. And if you enjoyed that little ditty, you might also enjoy the board full of inspiration I often gazed at while writing. (What did we do before Pinterest?)

Besides being lost in HSD-land, I’ve (still) been working on edits for the full length novel I completed back in…yeah. October. *hangs head* Editing is a long and grueling and tedious and sometimes heinous process. So, you know, it takes a bit of time. And, to be fair, I did stop in the middle of editing because HSD kept waking me up at night, demanding face time. He’s very bossy.

During my (not so) brief hiatus, I also received news that Corporate Affairs will be available in print sometime this year. I’m not sure the definite release date, but I’ll post as soon as I find out.

And speaking of release dates… I got notification that Plus One’s release date has been set to May 6th! The back cover copy has been finalized, but copy and line edits are still taking place. And then there’s the cover art (which I can hardly wait to see…and show you!), but things are moving along. As soon as I can properly tease you with content of Olivia and dear sweet Ian, I will share here on the blog.  

Until then, go and do as I sometimes do: scroll aimlessly through those Pinterest boards. You know, for research.


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