Thin Ice Available!

I just got a note from the editor for the Corporate Affairs anthology that Thin Ice is being included in another, smaller anthology of the same name!

Thin Ice will be going on full release December 31st, and can be pre-ordered on Xcite’s site. It’s also available for Kindle right now on Amazon.

This is the same short story that is currently in the Corporate Affairs anthology available at Xcite, Amazon, and for pre-order at Barnes and Noble.

And, since you’re here . . . have you checked out my (naughty) Pinterest boards? It’s probably not safe for work (but, really, since when is anything of mine ever safe for work?), but it is oh, so good. I’m collecting all sorts of yummy pictures to inspire new stories, and I’ve even posted a couple things that remind me of my upcoming novella, Plus One.  If the pics are really good, I like to cross-post them to my author Facebook page (like the pic of the hero in the book I’m currently working on editing) just because I like to look at them in every possible media outlet.

So, in short: check out Thin Ice! follow my Pinterest boards! like my author Facebook page! And then grab yourself someone (or something *wink wink nudge nudge*) because you’ll probably need it… 

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