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Plus One is off to Production (aka: it’s really happening!)

I’ll be honest. From day one, this entire thing has felt surreal. Sometimes I think, did I really get that call that said I was going to be published or was it all just a dream?

In the long months since I decided to take the step and do this, I‘ve sort of stumbled my way through this process. The submitting and querying and editing and editing and more editing. It’s been scary, but amazing. I didn’t know what to expect and fell into that tiny spot between a rock and a hard place of not wanting to ask too many questions and not asking enough. Or worse, not knowing what questions to ask in the first place.

Fortunately, I’ve had Jeanette with me the whole way. She’s held my hand and answered my (admittedly overdramatic, frantic) texts at midnight about one thing or another. Thank God for friends who have gone through this before me (and ones who don’t judge my freak-outs), that’s all I can say. 

Walking into this blindly, I never realized just how long of a process this is. I queried Plus One a year ago, got the call of acquisition nine months ago, and started edits six months ago. Yesterday, it was sent off to production. That is a lot of time. And a whole lot of hurry up and wait, like I was told would happen in the very beginning.

But. But. Did you see where I said it was off to production? MY BABY IS GETTING PRETTIFIED! *muppet flails*

It still doesn’t quite feel real yet, and I suppose it won’t until I can walk my fingers over to Amazon or B&N and buy that baby. Though, I’ll be honest, seeing the cover will probably help. 

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