Baby, It’s Cold Outside

But seriously. It is. I’m currently sitting, snuggled up on my bed under roughly three blankets with the space heater going, watching movie-perfect snowflakes fall outside. All in all, a pretty fan-freaking-tastic day.

This past week, I finished HSD, got that damn synopsis (*shakes fist at my nemesis*) written and the query all ready to go. What’s that mean? Time to move on to one of the 213484123 other projects I have going on in my head.

Which one, though?

That’s what I’ve been spending the last week struggling with. I have roughly eight plot bunnies that are grappling for first place. And it sort of sucked to realize that the one I wanted to write first was not the one I needed to write first. Huh. How about that. That whole you wanna be an author for real, so start acting like it thing kind of bashed me upside the head.

So. Today I dove into the outline for the second book in my planned three book, companion series. And do you know what’s amazing? If I stop fighting it, the words? They just come. 

See? Amazing.

While I’m over here with my fingers flying over the keyboard, getting ready to throw a wrench into my very straight-laced heroine’s life plan, why don’t you grab a glass of wine and a blanket, curl up on the couch and read (since I can’t). Really, you’re doing it for me.

And if you don’t have anything to read, did you know that the swoontastic Anna and the French Kiss is only $2.99 today? This is, without a doubt, in my top five YA books. And Etienne? Whoa, mama. He is in my top three swoony boys.

So, while I’m over here writing about swoony (and sort of badass) boys, go read about one.

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