Make Mondays Suck Less Giveaway: Wait For You

It’s Monday. Boo hiss. I mean, really, why do they have to suck so bad? Can I let you in on a little secret, though? I actually love Mondays. (*gasp!*) Or I do when school’s in session, anyway (two more weeks! HUZZAH!). Because that means my kids go back to school, and I have a minimum of 5 hours to do nothing but write. Or read. Or, you know, sit around and eat bon-bons while watching soap operas. How you do.

But I know for most people Mondays suck. A lot. But not here! Not in the safe place on the blog, frolicking in the land of pretty, pretty books. Here instead of: Monday. Boo hiss. It’s: Monday. Yay!

Thanks everyone for playing last week and entering to win the two Kristan Higgins books. And congrats to BookLady for snatching up those lovely books!
This week I’ve got an equally awesome giveaway going on. Not only is it a pretty, pretty book, but it’s a signed pretty, pretty book!
Going to one lucky winner is an ARC of Wait for You by J. Lynn. I met Jen at RWA and she was a sweetheart!  If you’d like to get your hot little hands on this bad boy, just enter below. Contest will go through Sunday at midnight. Winner announced next Monday!
I will see you foxy people back here next week for another giveaway. 

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  1. @Alyssa I wish I could do these all internationally! Alas, I haven’t found that money tree yet, and postage would rake me over the coals by doing these weekly. 🙁 Sorry!

  2. Please tell this is open International. Please, please, please. I am pretty desperate to win this book! Gosh! I love JLA so much that I’m willing to donate my organ just to get this signed book of hers.

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