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Thin Ice Available!

I just got a note from the editor for the Corporate Affairs anthology that Thin Ice is being included in another, smaller anthology of the same name!

Thin Ice will be going on full release December 31st, and can be pre-ordered on Xcite’s site. It’s also available for Kindle right now on Amazon.

This is the same short story that is currently in the Corporate Affairs anthology available at Xcite, Amazon, and for pre-order at Barnes and Noble.

And, since you’re here . . . have you checked out my (naughty) Pinterest boards? It’s probably not safe for work (but, really, since when is anything of mine ever safe for work?), but it is oh, so good. I’m collecting all sorts of yummy pictures to inspire new stories, and I’ve even posted a couple things that remind me of my upcoming novella, Plus One.  If the pics are really good, I like to cross-post them to my author Facebook page (like the pic of the hero in the book I’m currently working on editing) just because I like to look at them in every possible media outlet.

So, in short: check out Thin Ice! follow my Pinterest boards! like my author Facebook page! And then grab yourself someone (or something *wink wink nudge nudge*) because you’ll probably need it… 


Corporate Affairs Anthology (aka: Flailing Around Like an Idiot)

It’s heeeeeeeeere! Earlier than expected, but the Corporate Affairs Anthology from Xcite Books is now available for purchase here!


And a short sampling, to give you a little taste…

Have I mentioned Gavin is a dirty talker? No? Huh.

The anthology is also available through Amazon, as well as on Xcite’s site.

This whole thing is so surreal, and, to be honest, I feel a little like I’m still floating on cloud nine. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go post to every possible media outlet that I have and then flail privately in my bedroom. 


A Whirlwind Month (aka: Spilling the Beans)

You’re probably wondering what in the hell I’ve been doing that’s kept me from making even a peep on the blog for over a month, amirite? (Or, more probable, is that you didn’t even notice. Stick with me.)

To be honest, it’s been a frenzy of activity. Even if we were to exclude things like a family wedding where we drove a total of 26 hours in 5 days (did I mention that we did that with two kids in tow?), or the whole back to school extravaganza (and my baby starting pre-school…wah), there were half a dozen other events that have kept me busier than normal.

In August, I attended a three-week online editing workshop led by Angela James called Before You Hit Send. For any writers out there who are unsure about their editing skills, and even the ones that feel like they have a solid grasp on editing, I’d encourage you to take this course. While a lot of it was simply overview for me (punctuation, dialogue tags, etc), Angela touched on many things that I’d never even thought to work through when doing a final edit on my MS before submission (garbage words, overuse of adverbs, etc). For the low cost of the workshop, I definitely felt I got my money’s worth.

Now on to the exciting news. *rubs hands together* I signed my first contract in August with Xcite Books for a short piece I wrote for their Corporate Affairs anthology. Word on the street (aka: their website) says this will be out October 12th for purchase. Besides the fact that this will be my first published work (!!!), I’m also thrilled because I’m going to be book sisters with Jeanette Grey, one of my very closest friends, not to mention my very own personal cheerleader, who’s also got a piece in the CA anthology. I’ll post more details on that as soon as they become available!

Finally, the big news (insert flashing lights and obnoxious sound effects). The stuff I’ve been babbling on and on about (albeit vaguely) for months now. When they told me the publishing world was a whole lot of hurry up and wait, they weren’t kidding.

Months after receiving the call (which I’ve since found out is the little something extra only this publisher does), I finally signed and returned my contract. So, you know what that means? It means I can spill the beans! My first novella, Plus One, will be published Spring 2013 with Carina Press, Harlequin’s digital-first imprint. Forget being bowled over by the fact that a publisher actually wanted my writing, but when it’s also the publisher of authors that I read and love (Kaily Hart & Shannon Stacey to name a couple)? There might have been flailing.

And maybe a little screaming.

And also some tears.

As I mentioned before, Jeanette has been my personal cheerleader since I decided to dip my toe in the world of original fiction. Everything that has happened with Plus One is because she was friend enough to push me when I needed pushing. She was the sole reason I submitted to Carina in the first place. I wasn’t going to–hadn’t even fathomed submitting to them. I thought they were too big for my britches. To put it plainly: I thought I wasn’t good enough. And I told her that. And then she proceeded to tell me to get my head out of my ass* and submit my MS to them. So, I figured go big or go home. Balls to the wall, and all that. And, yay, it paid off!

This week, I also returned the art fact sheet where I tell them my ideas on how I’d like the cover to look (sexy, fun, flirty & lighthearted). I also got to go on a hunt for pictures that evoked the feel of the book. I cannot wait to see what they come up with. And, of course, I can’t wait until I can share it with all of you.

Oh. And I also finished a full length novel. (!!!) Which, as it turns out, will actually be part of a series. Companion novels, not continuation, so don’t worry–no major cliffies. My characters kind of threw me for a loop, and it turns out these three sisters each have a unique and interesting story to tell.

So, that’s it. I’m also working on a few shorts, and I will keep you updated on their statuses.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me, frands. Group hug? *gathers you all close*

*I’m paraphrasing ever so slightly, but I swear it was very near to that, only much nicer because she’s as sweet as pie


I Survived the Edits (aka Quit Being a Pansy)

Well, as it turns out, I was freaking out for nothing. My first round edits? I made it out unscathed! My editor was lovely and gave positive, constructive feedback on how I could build my MS to be the strongest piece it could be.

See? Awesome.

I flew through the edits, getting them all done and managing to stay ahead of schedule by almost a full week (I’m not ashamed to say I strutted my way around my bedroom several times). The majority of the edits were small things–a word used too many times, or close repetitions of sentence structure. The most difficult part of the entire process, though, was tweaking small details that carried through the entire piece.

When you write something for the first time, the story unfolds and evolves along with you. You watch the characters grow as you document their story. When something isn’t quite right, or doesn’t quite work and the need to alter comes into play, adjusting things so slightly that everything still flows beautifully is much more difficult than I would’ve thought. The smallest detail change in chapter 1 can affect a major outcome in chapter 13. Which was why I read through this sucker four times just in case.

I went through and tweaked and altered and changed and nitpicked until I remembered that I’d have to do this all over again after line edits.

The good news? The goal is to have the final piece to the copy editors by the end of August (!!!). And after that…more waiting.

But then comes the fun things like…spilling the beans, for one thing. And cover art. And promotions. And teasing snippets. Can I say how excited I am for all of that? Cause I am. Ridiculously so.

Next post? Hopefully some of those beans I need to spill…